Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update update..Sophie Dahl's amazing transition

Plus size models, I have always respected what they represent, but deep inside I don't think its right to try and tell people it's ok to have high body fat. If you look it up on Wikipedia, human beings are programmed to look for flaws and high body fat usually means more diseases (risk of heart attack, diabetes).

Let's tackle this issue a little bit more, if you DO have high blood pressure you will most likely suffer from a heart attack or fall into paralysis. High blood pressure though is easier to "fix" with the right blockers (calcium blockers, for example) but low blood pressure on the other hand (which is sometimes caused by being too underweight) will kill you easily because once your blood is low and it fails to reach your brain in time there is no way to "fix" it since you cant pump a pint-full of blood in time.

Anyway enough of that rubbish, I have been slacking off and eating junk. I don't mean eating vast amounts of donut and cakes, what I mean is I am drinking soda and eating carbs more often than usual.

I have been having trouble sleeping and carbs will help me sleep, at least for now.

Since  I have no updated pictures to upload I will just put Sophie Dahl's picture here..she has lost a lot of weight and is one of my (thin)inspirations.

I love her style with that black dress.

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