Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dont attempt to give up on something or someone.....

Who you absolutely can't stop thinking about!

That said, the year is almost up. I have a lot of fat to go.

This year has proven to be so transitional, I never thought I'd lose a lot of weight in my life and manage to keep it off. I love it, and I am going to the gym to keep it off more.

Now I have used positive thinking as well as prayers for my weight loss too, I of course add in a lot of motivation to not eat breads and cakes and red meat a lot, but here is my novena not to preach or anything but it has really helped me out in the past and it has proven to be very effective. We need all the help we can get in these times. It is called 

A Quarter of an Hour before the Blessed Sacrament :) here is a quick preview (download it):

To please Me, dear child, it is not necessary to know much; all that is required is to love Me much, to be deeply sorry
for ever having offended Me and desirous of being ever faithful to Me in future.

Speak to Me of the poor you wish to comfort; tell Me all that now fills your mind and heart. Are there any you wish to
commend to Me? Tell Me their names, and tell Me what you would wish Me to do for them. Do not fear, ask for much, I
love generous hearts, which, forgetting themselves, wish well to others.

Speak to Me of the poor you wish to comfort; tell Me of the sick that you would wish to see relieved. Ask of Me
something for those who have been unkind to you, or who have crossed you. Ask much for them all; commend them all
with your heart to Me.

And ask Me many graces for yourself. Are there not many graces you would wish to name that would make you
happier in yourself, more useful and pleasing to others, more worthy of the love of Me, the dearest Lord, master, and
Spouse of your soul? Tell Me the whole list of the favors you want of Me. Tell Me them humility, knowing how poor you
are without them, how unable to gain them by yourself; ask for them with much love, that they may make you more
pleasing to Me. With all a child's simplicity, tell Me how self-seeking you are, how proud, vain, irritable, how cowardly in
sacrifice, how lazy in work, uncertain in your good resolutions, and then ask Me to bless and crown your efforts. Poor
child, fear not, blush not at the sight of so many failings; there are Saints in heaven who had the faults you have; they
came to Me lovingly, they prayed earnestly to Me, and My grace has made them good and holy in My sight.

You should be Mine, body and soul; fear not, therefore, to ask of Me gifts of body and mind, health, judgment, memory
and success. Ask for them for My sake; that God may be glorified in all things. I can grant everything, and never refuse to
give what may make a soul dearer to Me and better able to fulfill the will of God.

Have you no plans for the future which occupy, perhaps distress, your mind? Tell Me your hopes, your fears. Is is about
your future state? Your position among My creatures? Some good you wish to bring to others? In what shall I help and
bless your good will?

And for Me you must have, have you not, some zeal, some wish to do good to the souls of others. Some, perhaps, who
love and care for you, have ceased, almost, to know or care for Me. Shall I give you strength, wisdom and tact, to bring
these poor ones close to my heart again? Have you failed in the past? Tell Me how you acted; I will show you why you did
not gain all you expected; rely on Me, I will help you, and will guide you to lead others to Me.

And what crosses have you, My dear Child? Have they been many and heavy ones? Has someone caused you pain?
Someone wounded your self-love? Slighted you? Injured you? Lay your head upon My breast, and tell Me how you
suffered. Have you felt that some have been ungrateful to you, and unfeeling towards you? Tell Me all, and in the warmth
of My heart you will find strength to forgive and even to forget that they have ever wished to pain you.

And what fears have you, My child? My providence shall comfort you. My love sustains you. I am never away from
you, never can abandon you. Are some growing cold in the interest and love they had for you? Pray to Me for them; I will
restore them to you if it be better for you and your sanctification.

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