Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to resolve a fight ending up to a silent treatment

Now a few days ago I threw one of the worst bitch fits I have ever thrown in my life, causing a lot of hurt towards people who I care about.

Luckily I managed to resolve a few except there were big problems. It has also made me realize a lot about myself, that

a) I get mad easily
b) I act before I think
c) If I dont get enough sleep and drink a lot of caffeine, I should better be alone without any technological device
d) I should shut my trap

Now one of these people have been giving me the silent treatment, I panic mode called, emailed, text and even sent several IM messages (offline messages, unless I was being blocked) and received no response.

I have just came out of a bad and hurtful situation a while ago and my wounds have healed but the experience was traumatizing, so I did not bother to check my other social mediums if I received a response. I would rather not know, not now at least.

The diplomatic part of me want to resolve problems, mostly because it will help me in life knowing that someone has bore witness to my weakness and I want to rise above it. Among other things...

I've searched high and low how to resolve or survive a silent treatment and I thought this advice was definitely funny and might possibly work, if you want..

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My view on the silent treatment has always been this: Your ability to screw with them actively will always trum their ability to screw with you by not saying anything.

"Hey, I'm just going to borrow this for a moment. Do you mind? Good."

"Hey did you hear [Insert evil story about them here]?"

Simply sit down somewhere in their personal space, and begin chattering about a topic you know they find inane. Sprinkle in a few "Just let me know if you have work to do." or the like. 
 Anyway it is a long shot. If you don't mind or can take a risk it is worth it..

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